Superfast broadband for Madingley Exchange in Cambridgeshire

Upgrade Process

The upgrade of Madingley exchange for superfast broadband and the rollout of the service to the communities is anticipated to take between 12 and 15 months. BT will provide updates as much as it can, but we must bear in mind that the process involves a lot of investigation and planning, and there are bound to be “stuff” that is unearthed during this initial process, that will affect those timescales. Its just the nature of such development.


Basic facts relating to superfast broadband rollout

There are some important basic facts that we should be aware of in order to be realistic in our expectations of the rollout of superfast broadband to Madingley exchange area

  • Due to the complexity of the engineering process it takes 12-15 months from planning to installation of fibre in an area
  • Every exchange will have its own bespoke equipment when it is upgraded and most will require additional mains and back up power facilities
  • Some of the underground ducts have been buried for as long as 80 years and surveys can unearth new challenges
  • The siting of new cabinests is subject to planning approval from the local council and this can cause delays

BT state that it has passed more than 4 million homes with fibre broadband to date and that their superfast broadband roll out is one of the fastest anywhere in the world.

Steps in bringing superfast broadband to Madingley

The process of bringing superfast broadband to madingley exchange area can be broken down into 4 steps:

  1. Pre-Planning: this is where the current network infrastructure goes through full assessment to check that records are upd to date. This is essential to provide accurate information for the engineers, to enable them deliver the service efficiently.
  2. Exchange Preparation: this stage takes place from months 1-9 of the 15-month process. It is where the engineers agree and plan where the new equipment will be placed in the exchange. Also determine the bespoke equipment that the exchange will require (because each exchange is different) and then order, manufacture and install the equipment. The last part of this stage is to upgrade the mains and back-up power facilities, which may involve construction work by the local power company.
  3. Network Planning: this stage takes place from months 3-9 of the 15-month process. Engineers will now design the fibre instructure that is going to be installed in the underground ducts. Extensive survey of the existing ducts will be carried out and the results used to compete the plan for locating new infrastructure such as the fibre, new ducts and cabinets, additional underground and overground equipment that may be needed. Crucially at this stage, BT will be consulting with the local council to ensure the installations comply with planning regulations.
  4. Network Installation: this stage takes place from months 10-15 of the 15-month process, and it is at this stage that residents will notice the engineering work being done. BT will build the new fibre infrastructure from the exchange to the cabinets, and commission new cabinets. Cabinets that are ready for service will be released to the Communications Providers in the areas who can then start taking orders from Customers. As the rollout work progresses, further cabinets will become ready for service and more areas can get access to superfast broadband

The superfast broadband infrastructure is separate to the existing copper infrastructure, and this means that both the old technology will still be available and service will be uniniterrupted. The new technology will just run along side the old technology. This of course has implications for obtaining the service to your property.

Getting Superfast Broadband to your home

Even though superfast broadband will become available to houses in the exchange area, it will not become automatically available to each property. As mentioned above, the fibre broadband infrastructure is separate, therefore, anyone who wants superfast broadband will have to order it from their current service provider.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to your current provider. Shop around and find out which other providers are out there and what packages they offer, and get the best deal that you can.


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