Superfast broadband for Madingley moves into the build stage

A recent letter from BT has given much cause for optimism in the quest for superfast broadband services to our communities. In the letter, Johnny McQuoid, the BT Group Superfast Broadband Programme Director said that:

I am pleased to be able to advise that the extensive planning and survey work being carried out by my colleagues in Openreach has now been completed for your area and we are progressing to the build stage and installation of new equipment in Madingley. Furthermore we are now in a position to talk in much more detail with you about the potential coverage and uplift that the fibre deployment will bring.”

Superfast broadband is on its way to Madingley exchange

So, after months of waiting when nothing seemed to be happening, even though we knew something was going on behind the scenes, we now have confirmation that the rollout of superfast broadband to the communities served by Madingley exchange is making good progress, and that it is now being laid out for real.

Johnny McQuoid states further that:

As I mentioned in my previous letter, fibre coverage is likely to reach and be available to more than 90% of premises in Madingley and importantly, for those who take up the service, will bring significant uplift to their current broadband speeds. I am continuing to review and finalise the Openreach plans over the next two weeks to see if we have any additional options to improve and enhance this coverage even further.

I am sure you will agree that this is great news for all those who supported the Race To Infinity (RTI) campaign to bring Super Fast Broadband to Madingley.

Very great news indeed, and no doubt we will learn soon enough just what goodies BT are putting in place to deliver superfast broadband to the Madingley exchange area.

New Cabinet for superfast broadband spotted in Hardwick

Quite interestingly, two people have informed us that they have spotted a new green cabinet in Hardwick, on the corner of Limes Road and Cambridge Road, just opposite the school. The question is – is the newly sprouted green cabinet one of those that is to deliver superfast broadband to Hardwick?

The obvious questions then might be:

  • Which premises will this cabinet be connected to?
  • Will it cover the whole of Hardwick village?
  • If not then where are the other cabinets going to be located?
  • What about the other villages, where are their cabinets?

Answers hopefully will be provided soon enough.

Is Superfast broadband really here?

Maybe, probably, hopefully ….

Watch this space folks, the dream of superfast broadband moves ever closer.



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