Superfast Broadband coming soon to a PC near you!

BT Race to Infinity Winners - Madingley Exchange

BT gave an update on the progress of the broadband rollout to the communites served by Madingley exchange at a meeting in December 2011. A potted update was posted on a thread on the facebook page at the time. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, it was not possible to put that broadband rollout update here on this site. Those technical issues have now been resolved, and the broadband rollout updates should now be available more regularly … starting with

a summary of the key points of the broadband rollout programme as it was in December 2011.

 Status of superfast broadband rollout in December 2011

The main points to note are:

  1. There will be two cabinets for FTTC, one on Limes Road Hardwick, the other on Cambridge Road, Coton
  2. The cabinet in Hardwick is installed but awaiting commissioning
  3. The cabinet in Coton cannot be installed until we know for sure from Highways if Cambridge Road is adopted.
  4. Soon as both cabinets are commissioned, those whose that are within its service range (2km) radius can begin to get the service.
  5. Service will not be automatic, as the existing system will still be in place to service those who don’t want faster broadband, so you’d have to request it from your service provider.
  6. You don’t have to get BT to give you the service – your current provider should be able to do it – using BT infrastructure
  7. FTTC will give speeds of up to 80 Mb/s
  8. The rest of the exchange area will by FTTP.
  9. The FTTP delivery will be longer due to the cabling work that is required. So, the rest of the exchange area will find that service will be phased in over a period of months.
  10. Whilst the delay in getting FTTP is a nuisance, it means though that those who do get it will have speeds of about 100Mb/s
  11. Service dates now anything from Feb12 onwards … possibly till Jun12 or later depending on the rollout speed.
  12. SamKnows does not know on this occasion, as it is usually updated quarterly in arrears. Whilst the projection it showed might have been correct once upon a time, it is not now!



So What Does It Really Really Mean for Broadband rollout for us?

Reading between the lines, during the broadband rollout, there have been challenges that are having to be dealt with. This requires more effort than anticipated. But they are being dealt with and the broadband rollout is making progress.

I think more to the point is that Fibre-To-The Cabinet (FTTC) will be the minority technology and Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTC) will be deployed to a larger proportion of the communites than was first envisaged. The downside is that there will be a delay in the broadband rollout for some folk, becaue it will take longer than previously planned. The upside is that the download speeds that will come with FTTC will be more than fifty times what some are getting now, and probably more than 100 times more for others!

We should be seeing more activity on our streets as from now on. The broadband rollout in villages like Madingley, Caldecote, Dry Drayton Industrial area, Childerley and parts of Hardwick will involve lots of cable laying. And that means we should be seeing Vans beside the road with big rolls of cable next to it and men in flourescent jackets trying to get the cables into the underground ducts.

It is happening folks. We just need to be patient as the broadband rollout gathers momentum.


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  1. James, coton says:

    Thank you for this update I look forward to seeing some work happening woopwoop thank you

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