Superfast broadband for Madingley Exchange in Cambridgeshire

Race to Infinity

BT recently announced the launch of the Race to Infinity, as contained in this Press Release.

Over the next five years BT is rolling out superfast fibre optic broadband across the UK. If you’re not on the announced roll out plan The Race to Infinity gives you the opportunity to fast track your area to get BT Infinity next.

The press release states that:

BT today announced it is to launch a nationwide survey to see how much potential demand there is for fibre broadband. The survey, the first of its kind, will run until December 31st 2010 enabling communities to express their desire for the service. This will help BT identify “hot spots” where demand is high and influence the company’s future deployment plans


Service Time Table

By the end of 2010, BT will have brought superfast broadband to 4 million premises, but, according to its own sources, will still have a further 12 million premises to reach by 2015. The service will by then, cover two-thirds of the UK population, leaving a third without hope of getting the service in the immediate future. BT therefore decided to carry out the survey to get information on potentially viable areas which it can use to determine its post 2015 rollout plan.

As an extra incentive, BT is running the survey as a competition – the “Race to Infinity” – with BT Retail promising funds – if needed – to help enable the five exchanges with the highest demand *  by early 2012 at the latest. This could see commercially viable exchanges brought forward to the front of the queue or non-viable exchanges added to the deployment plans. BT is also pledging to engage with any community that expresses a high level of demand**  so that all avenues can be explored to see if fibre broadband can be brought to their area.

The Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said:

Whenever I travel around the UK I hear the same message: people want access to superfast broadband in their communities. I warmly welcome any initiative that will lead to private sector investment in fibre networks, and applaud the way BT are engaging consumers to ensure that investment reaches the people who want it the most.”

The five areas with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring superfast broadband to their area.

Further Incentives

BT will also donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local community project.

BT Group is also pledging to engage with any community that gathers 75 per cent of possible votes for their exchange but hasn’t won the competition. This is in the hope that those exchanges can either be included in future commercial phases – if the exchange is deemed commercially viable – or enabled as a result of either public sector or community support as has already happened in some parts of the UK

* On a percentage of premises served basis after passing a threshold of 1,000 votes (one per premise)

** 75 per cent of premises expressing interest in fibre broadband


Call to Community Action

To vote for our Madingley Exchange simply go to ‘BT RACE TO INFINITY‘ and enter your details.

Don’t forget to pass it on to your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get our Madingley Exchange to the top of the scoreboard.


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