Superfast broadband for Madingley takes major step forward

madingley infinity superfast broadbandThe rollout process for getting superfast broadband to Madingley exchange communities has taken a major step forward. According to recent update news from BT, we are now currently in month 7/8 of this process and exchange preparation and planning activities are well underway.  We now have a clearer picture on the technology solution and provisional timescales for rollout of superfast broadband for our communities. Read More…

Superfast Broadband rollout for Madingley Exchange

madingley infinity superfast broadband

BT NextGen Broadband

Superfast broadband is no doubt on the minds of a lot of people in the area served by Madingley exchange. This is to be expected, considering all the hard work that went into securing our winning place in the Race to Infinity competition, thus ensuring that our exchange will be upgraded for superfast broadband by 2012.

The upgrade of Madingley exchange for superfast broadband and the rollout of the service to the communities is anticipated to take between 12 and 15 months. BT will provide updates as much as it can, but we must bear in mind that the process involves a lot of investigation and planning, and there are bound to be “stuff” that is unearthed during this initial process, that will affect those timescales. Its just the nature of such development. Read More…

BT Openreach confirms Madingley Exchange in next rollout phase for superfast broadband

BT Openreach yesterday revealed the names of a further 156 locations in the country which will benefit from its next phase of roll-out of super-fast fibre broadband services, and it includes Madingley Exchange.

Several of the exchanges in the list will be fibre-enabled by the end of 2011, whilst the remainder are expected to be upgraded before the end of 2012. Openreach will provide a Read More…

Win £5000 worth of IT Equipment for Madingley Exchange communities

A few weeks ago, Madingley Exchange was crowned a winner of BT’s Race to Infinity, giving access to superfast broadband by early 2012. The next step is for BT Openreach to complete a survey to assess and plan the fibre deployment. 

Congratulations go to MadX Campaign Team, led by Tumi Hawkins for their great campaign and to the support of everyone who voted to make this achievement possible. 

What you might not know is, as part of the prize, BT is providing IT equipment worth £5000 to be awarded  Read More…

Madingley Exchange is a Winner in the BT Race To Infinity

The Race To Infinity is finally over and winners were announced at 0800 Hrs this morning. Madingley exchange is one of the 6 winning exchanges, as shown on the BT Race to Infinity website, and will get the upgrade to fibre broadband by early 2012.

The exchange serves the villages of Caldecote, Childerley, Coton, Hardwick, Madingley and the southern end of Dry Drayton (Scotland Farm).

This is very welcome news to the campaign team, which has worked tirelessly to ensure that our exchange was in a winning position at the end of a closely fought race. To beat over 2000 other exchanges in Read More…

Madingley Exchange collects the largest number of votes in race to infinity


RaceToInfinity Scoreboard

The Race to Infinity hots up as the closing date draws closer.  Inspite of the inclement weather, the race team have been out and about, talking to residents and gathering votes.

This has seen Madingley Exchange keep its third place on the scoreboard, behind Caxton and Blewbury, but closely followed by Innerleithen and Baschurch.

Temperatures plummeted a few days ago, but that didn’t stop the team members. With warm clothing, thick coats, gloves, scarves, hats of every shape and size and colour, it was most encouraging to see our boys and girls out there doing their bit for their community. We’ve slid on ice, had faces/fingers nearly frozen, knocked into various objects in the dark looking for house numbers, had fingers caught in letter box covers, barked at by dogs, rebuffed by those not interested …..  the whole kit and kaboodle. But we soldier on, as the prize is definitely worth the effort.

It is a testament to the community spirit and determination of the campaign team to see this through that we see Madingley exchange ending today with 1909 votes or 89.54%.  This represents the largest number of actual votes (vote count) collected by any of the 2000+ exchanges in the competition, nationwide.

Team MadingleyX, thank you to all of you, and well done.

Madingley Exchange gathers 85% of votes on the exchange

The Madingley Exchange campaign team have been pulling out all the stops to keep in the top 5 on the league table.

Having reached 75% threshold, we are now sure that whatever the final outcome, BT is now committed to engage with us to ensure we get superfast broadband. Whatever the “engage” means.

However, our target is to be in the top 5, thus ensuring we get the exchange upgrade. We are currently in third place on the league table, and have this afternoon just broken the 85% vote barrier.

The team are out now, in freezing cold weather, doing what they do best, engaging with folk and encouraging them to register their votes. Keep warm by wrapping up well and ensure you have thermal gloves to keep those fingers from stiffening up.

Well done team. Let’s hit that 90% mark soon.

Madingley Exchange becomes a front runner in Race to Infinity

Madingley Exchange has now joined the front runners on the leader board of the Race To Infinity. The campaign gained momentum, with more posters and banners going up in the villages of Caldecote, Hardwick and Coton, to increase awareness.


During the weekend, the vote count reached 1000, and exceeded it comfortably, settling at 1090 votes by the end of the weekend. This puts the exchange second only to Caxton.

Though we are now well over the starting line, there is still quite a way to go until we reach the finishing line, and we must make sure that we keep the momentum going.


Madingley Exchange Becomes Front Runner in Race to Infinity


Well done to all our volunteers and helpers. Thank you to all residents who have voted, please spread the word to your friends and neighbours so we ensure we finish the race strongly.


Madingley Marches on in the Race to Infinity

With banners going up at strategic entry and exit points of the villages, and posters and signs boards peppered at various locations, awareness is increasing and with it votes.

Good to see we are now at 845 votes and looking forward to many more coming in today.


Madingley at 845 votes in race to infinity

Madingley’s Race to Infinity hots up

Madingley is nudging closer to the one thousand vote threshold as its now gathered 836 votes out of the possible 2132. Encouraging to see more votes coming from Hardwick.

Madingley with 836 votes

Madingley with 836 votes


Race To Infinity Top 4 exchanges

Race To Infinity site showing exchanges with more than 1000 votes

The league table now looks like this:

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