Superfast broadband for Madingley Exchange in Cambridgeshire

Frequent Asked Questions

Question: What is BT Infinity

BT Infinity is a new fibre optic broadband product that uses the latest technology to provide a much faster and more powerful internet connection.

BT Infinity is capable of offering download speeds of up to 40Mb* and upload speeds of up to 10Mb.

That means everyone in the family can be on the computer doing their own thing, downloading music, watching TV, doing research for homework, shopping etc., all at the same time. No more waiting for a page to refresh or having a cup of tea whilst a small file is downloading 🙂


Question: What is Race to Infinity?

The Race to Infinity is a nationwide competition run by BT Retail whereby members of the public and local businesses can register their interest in superfast broadband (i.e. BT Infinity) with the chance of getting their exchange enabled with fibre optic broadband as the prize.

People will be able to vote via the website from 1st October 2010 until the 31st December 2010 and the five exchanges with the most votes (as a percentage of lines per exchange subject to a threshold of 1,000 votes) will be subsequently enabled by early 2012.

BT will also give a donation of computer equipment, worth £5000 to a local community project.


Question: I am not a BT subscriber, so why should I get involved?

This competition is not just for BT subscribers. There seems to be a misconception about the fact that those who perhaps are getting their telephone or broadband service from other Telco providers are exempted and don’t have to vote.

Fact of the matter is, BT owns the copper infrastructure, and other service providers are merely “renting” the infrastructure to give their customer a service. Having negotiated a bulk price with BT Wholesale, these Telcos are probably able to give the customer a somewhat cheaper price than perhaps is BT would. The cost of the service might be cheaper, but the speed of the service is not, and cannot improve, until and unless the BT infrastructure is upgraded.

If you don’t vote, or want to vote for yourself, then please do it for the sake of your community, for the pleasure of knowing that you’ve done your bit to improve the lives of your friends and neighbours in the community.


Question: How would BT Infinity benefit my Community?

When installed, subscribers will be able to get service at speeds of up to 40Mb, which will change the way people use the internet, helping us to do things online that we never thought possible.

Whether you’re big on social networking, gaming or streaming video, life will be transformed. Communities can link to each other and have chat forums more easily.

Upload, download, chat, play!


Question: What is my role as a resident of this Community

1. Vote. And do it NOW.  It only takes a couple of minutes. Don’t wait until December, it may be too late by then. Besides, there are milestones along the way, which if we can reach in time, means we will get help from BT to push our campaign forward. You know the saying “the early bird gets the best worms” …. or words to that effect.

2. Spread the word about the competition throughout your community. There are various ways you can do this. Talk to at least 3 neighbours on either side, and opposite you, tell them about it, and encourage them to vote. Check with them everyday, ok, maybe not, but regularly, until they actually confirm they have voted.

3. Volunteer to help with the Campaign. As with anything that involves the community, we will need help from those who have the time, energy or skills to help with pushing this campaign forward. It cannot be done by one person or a handful of people. We are distributing leaflets, putting up posters, knocking on doors, updating  this blog and our facebook page, etc.etc. If you have ideas that could help us, then please let us know.


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