Faster Broadband Is Taking Its Time

Madingley Infinty Coton Cabinet

Cabinet in Coton

Earlier today, the Madingley Exchange Race To Infinity Team received an update from BT, to inform us of the progress of the rollout of the fibre network for super fast broad band (SFBB).

The statement reads, “Thank you for forwarding the comments from your campaign team, I understand their frustration and I am happy to confirm that we have not reduced our commitment to achieving the roll-out in Madingley (100% of premises will see an increase in speed, 99.9% of premises will receive SFBB speeds of  >15Mb, 0.1% of premises will receive between 2Mb &15 Mb).  This is a major civil engineering project and sometimes projects of this complexity can take a little longer than expected depending on what we find as we do the work (which is why we haven’t been explicit about dates).”


Not explicit about dates… that’s an understatement if ever there was one!

It further goes on to state that “The latest update is that the cabinet at the junction of Limes Road and Cambridge Road is due to go live week commencing 30th April. We hope the second cabinet will go live towards the end of May and we are on track to deliver FTTP during June


The confirmation that the deployment is still aiming to get SFBB to all the premises served by Madingley Exchange is good news. It is however tempered by the sheer frustration that the team members and the rest of our communities feel at the length of time that the deployment is taking, considering that we won the race over 15 months ago.


The frustration boiled over when Porto Novelli (PN) who ran and coordinated the Race To Infinity for BT asked the team to take part in a photo shoot last week. This was to be part of the PR exercise of announcing the arrival of SFBB. The team refused, stating that if the rollout plan had been on time, then yes, there would have been something to celebrate. We were promised SFBB in early 2012, and so far, its still a non-event. One team member said “It seems like PN and BT need to sit down and actually align commercial strategy with PR strategy“.


So, when all is said and done, the main points to be noted are:

  1. The cabinet in Hardwick at the junction of Limes Road and Cambridge Road should go live from 30th April 2012.
  2. The cabinet in Coton on Cambridge Road should go live toward end of May 2012.
  3. The rest of us are getting FTTP and should expect to see service at some point during June 2012.


BT Infinity Superfast Broadband bus

Infinity Bus

As for PR, discussions are ongoing to get the Infinity Bus to come to Caldecote on 7th May 2012 as part of the opening ceremony for the new Sports  Pavilion.
Anyone who wants to see what is possible with Infinity should put the date in their diaries and come check out the Infinity Bus in Caldecote.



5 Responses to “Faster Broadband Is Taking Its Time”

  1. Stuart Sauntson says:

    I think we should all be just alittle more patient. Yes we all know that the date was expected to be the beginning of 2012…… are we not all really missing the point. Before the BT Infinity challenge, most of us had too be content with 2 – 4mbs. Just because we have had too wait just alittle bit longer and we will all have SFBB. Relax it will be here soon here……..
    and I’d personally like too say a big thank you too the CASS guys who started cabling Caldecote in the snow and have been out and about in all weathers too help acheive giving us all a happier online exsperience..THANKYOU

  2. David says:

    Since we moved to Madingley High Street earlier this year our broadband speed has got steadily worse – on a good day we can get 2mb. Makes it difficult to use Skype or iPlayer. Really can’t believe how poor the service is given we are 1mile from the exchange.

  3. Ern says:

    Great to see the Infinity bus at the pavilion open day…..Not

    • Coordinator says:

      Unfortunately, the BT Infinity bus could not come for the event, as BT was unable to “resource” it in time. Having told us it could come, it was a big disapointment that it turned out not to be the case. Apologies for not updating the info before the event. It was out of our hands.
      If you have any other local events that might be suitable for the bus to visit, let us know. BT requires 6 weeks advance notice!

      • ern says:

        What about the Caldecote Feast day ?. July 7
        Hopfully we will be able to get infinity before then though


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