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Announcing the arrival of Superfast Broadband in Madingley Exchange

Superfast broadband cabinet HardwickYes, you have read correctly that superfast broadband has now arrived at Madingley Exchange. I would imagine that the next questions would be when did it hapen?  which village? which streets? what speed?


I was just getting started for the day when I checked my email and scanning through the list found one from a Hardwick resident, titled “BT Infinity”. On opening said email, the content brought a smile to my face and a “whoop” that said, yes, its here! The resident had ordered BT Infinity, and it has been delivered. There was also a screen shot of the results of the line speed test, which showed download speed of Read More…

Faster Broadband Is Taking Its Time

Madingley Infinty Coton Cabinet

Cabinet in Coton

Earlier today, the Madingley Exchange Race To Infinity Team received an update from BT, to inform us of the progress of the rollout of the fibre network for super fast broad band (SFBB).

The statement reads, “Thank you for forwarding the comments from your campaign team, I understand their frustration and I am happy to confirm that we have not reduced our commitment to achieving the roll-out in Madingley (100% of premises will see an increase in speed, 99.9% of premises will receive SFBB speeds of  >15Mb, 0.1% of premises will receive between 2Mb &15 Mb).  This is a major civil engineering project and sometimes projects of this complexity can take a little longer than expected depending on what we find as we do the work (which is why we haven’t been explicit about dates).” Read More…

Madingley Superfast Broadband Moves closer to reality

I am pleased to report that there is very good progress being made in upgrading Madingley exchange for superfast broadband.


superfast broadband cable rollout in madingley exchange areaThere are three forms of fibre technology being rolled out, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), and Exchange Only (EO). There will be two cabinets, one in Hardwick and one in Coton. The other villages will be served by FTTP, with a small smattering of Exchange only lines.


The Race to Infinity winning areas are among the first areas in the country to get deployment that includes all three. It means we will potentially have the highest percentage coverage in an exchange area anywhere in the UK.  BT expect that 100% of premises will see an increase in speed, with 99.9% getting speeds of over 15 Mb/s and 0.1% of premises receiving between 2Mb/s and 15Mb/s. Read More…

Broadband Blackspots in UK

According to a recent article in ZNet, one in 10 British neighbourhoods gets broadband speeds below three megabits per second, despite the UK’s push for super-fast connections. This was the outcome of a survey recently concluded by

The survey, based on 1.68 million broadband speed tests conducted by business and residential broadband users, looked at broadband service by postcode. It found that the average UK broadband download speed is 6.7Mbps, and that the deployment of fibre by BT and Virgin is, for many people, “not causing so much a splash as a ripple”.

“What’s really surprising is the number of cities and towns such as Hereford and Carlisle that are suffering from slow broadband speeds, dispelling the view that it’s just rural areas and small towns that have issues with their broadband,” telecoms chief Julia Stent said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the price comparison site, 34 percent of UK postcodes get less Read More…

Ofcom Tells BT Openreach to Cut Wholesale Prices

I came across this BBC News Technology article recently and thought “what good news”, and timely. It will be if  BT do as it is told.

BT Group will have to cut the prices it charges internet providers and others who sell on services using its lines, Ofcom says. The telecoms regulator wants the cost for use of a broadband and phone line to fall from £91.50 per year to £87.41. The cost of using a broadband line only should also drop from £14.70 per year to £11.92, Ofcom said.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said: “We hope it will lead to cheaper broadband and landline prices for consumers.” This is the third time Ofcom has set the prices that Openreach, BT’s wholesale division, charges other companies for using their lines.

The proposals have been submitted to the European Commission which has a month to comment on the changes. If approved, Read More…

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