Arrival of Superfast Broadband to Madingley Exchange!

Superfast broadband coming to our homes is edging ever closer, and infact could be a reality for some shortly.  Last week, the Race to Infinity organisers Porter Novelli (PN) sent an email to give an update on the progress of the broadband rollout to our communities.

Dates for First Orders for Superfast Broadband announced

The email from PN announcing the update on the superfast broadband rollout started with the opening lines:

Further to your meeting with the BT team last year, we’re delighted to say that some of the first people in Madingley will be able to start placing orders for BT Infinity at the beginning of April. We therefore wanted to share the activities and support we can offer to celebrate this milestone and we would very much appreciate your thoughts and any ideas you might have to maximise the occasion for the Madingley community.

I’m sure there are those who will immediately pick up on the misconception that we are one community instead of separate villages, but please don’t jump up and down about it. I have explained this to Porter Novelli time and againSuperfast broadband cabinet Hardwick till I’ve gone nearly blue in the face, and given up, but whilst PorterNovelli might not get it, BT does.

The real good news here is that some residents within the exchange area will be able to start placing orders for superfast broadband as from the beginning of April. The emphasis is on “some”.

As stated in the previous article Superfast broadband coming soon to a PC near you!, the rollout will be in stages, and it is those in the catchment area of the new green cabinets that are likely to be able to place the first orders.  These communities are Hardwick and Coton where the new broadband cabinets are being installed.

This picture shows the first superfast broadband cabinet, installed in Hardwick on the corner of Cambridge Road and Limes Road (opposite the school). This is expected to provide FTTC service to a large proportion of Hardwick village, with download speeds of up to 80Mb/s.  The areas not covered by the cabinet is expected to have cables installed for FTTP service.

Superfast broadband is indeed becoming a reality in our communities, and that is really good news. We have waited just over a year now, since being announced as one of the winners of the Race To Infinity, and it is good to know that it is now becoming reality.


Superfast Broadband rollout Ongoing

Installation of the cable network for the superfast broadband service is ongoing and visible to residents in Caldecote, particularly over the past couple of weeks.  There have been various sightings of white vans, and large rolls of cable,  etc., as shown in the photograph, taken recently on West Drive.

superfast broadbandThe cable installation work has not been without its challenges, as the installers have found that some of the cable ducts are blocked ducts. Where this is occuring, another team will have to unblock the ducts, and the cable laying team come back to lay the cable. This means that the cable laying will take longer than anticipated, which means superfast broadband service to Caldecote will probably not start until toward the middle of the year.  However, the good news is … superfast broadband is a lot nearer reality now than it was a year ago, so please be patient.

If you see any of the workmen in your street, say hello to them and offer them a cuppa.


Celebrations for New Milestone of First Orders for Superfast Broadband

BT Infinity Superfast Broadband Publicity busThe milestone of the first superfast broadband orders is worth celebrating, but the question is how? There are some suggestions from Porter Novelli, which may include:

  • The sponsorship of a local award/event
  • Awarding two free Infinity lines to the most deserving causes in the community; these could be charities, community institutions etc.
  • the opportunity for the BT Infinity Bus to visit the community over the summer months, to provide every member of the community with the chance to speak to the BT team about the benefits of BT Infinity

The BT Infinity Superfast broadband publicity bus does look quite the biz, and it would be exciting to have it visit us in our villages. Please feel free to put forward ideas along the lines suggested above, so that we can enter into discussions in a meaningful way with Porter Novelli, to ensure that each community benefits in some way from the this opportunity.

Send your suggestions by email to with your ideas or via the contact us button on the right or leave a comment below. Look forward to receiving your contributions to this milestone in the race to bring superfast broadband to our community.





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  1. Paul M says:

    it should be noted that Infinity is the BT branded FTTC service.

    Many other ISPs will be offering this super-fast broadband and FTTC.

    Another point to note is that since about Feb 2012 we have gained ADSL2+ (G992.5), which means faster service. I now get 20M sync speed download and 1M upload. My ISP is webtapestry, if that helps, I get IPv6 too; I use a Draytek Vigor110 modem and a linux box as router/firewall.

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