Announcing the arrival of Superfast Broadband in Madingley Exchange

Superfast broadband cabinet HardwickYes, you have read correctly that superfast broadband has now arrived at Madingley Exchange. I would imagine that the next questions would be when did it hapen?  which village? which streets? what speed?


I was just getting started for the day when I checked my email and scanning through the list found one from a Hardwick resident, titled “BT Infinity”. On opening said email, the content brought a smile to my face and a “whoop” that said, yes, its here! The resident had ordered BT Infinity, and it has been delivered. There was also a screen shot of the results of the line speed test, which showed download speed of 31.3 Mb and upload speed of 4.8 Mb. Very cool. The download speed does correspond to what is expected from the FTTC technology.


As previously indicated, BT has installed two new fibre cabinets, one at Hardwick and one at Coton. Both of these are to provide superfast broadband to residents in those villages. In the case of Hardwick, it is not likely that the cabinet will serve all of the village, so some will be getting the service viia fibre to the premises.


Needless to say I am very pleased at this turn of events and wish the residents of Hardwick enjoyment of this new superfast broadband service.


3 Responses to “Announcing the arrival of Superfast Broadband in Madingley Exchange”

  1. Ben Dansie says:

    Still saying 30 June for us – end of Brook Lane. Disappointing as usual from BT.

  2. Shaun says:

    How do we find out which homes in Hardwick have access to Infinity and which are still to be connected (and when)? Checking a few numbers and it seems that most homes in the Limes Road estate part now have access, but those outside it don’t. Is this correct?? When will the others be connected??

    It seems that BT aren’t very keen to sell it if we have to discover this service by stealth.

    Thanks, Shaun.

  3. David says:

    It’s now 1 July and here on Madingley High Street we are still unable to get BT infinity. Today’s top download speed is 1.8mbs. Perhaps the exchange should be renamed the Hardwick exchange, as Madingley itself seems to be excluded from the BT infinity service?

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